Gen Butler

Genevieve is a queer bilingual performance artist, clown, theatre maker and director, mask maker, circus performer, acrobat and teacher. She has worked for Vulcana Circus (Brisbane) and Womens Circus (Melbourne) before coming to join the Circus Studio.  

As a child she dreamt of running away with the circus, but along the way got distracted making physical theatre instead.  She now has found her way back on track and gets the greatest pleasure from climbing and balancing on people and being flipped about in the air.   

Genevieve has worked in the disability sector for many years, as a teacher of performance creation and dance, and as a carer as well.  

She has toured numerous Fringe and Arts Festivals around Australia, and worked with theatre companies across Australia, Italy and Belgium.  

Genevieve has a diploma in Commedia dell’Arte (FAVA, Italy) and Movement Analysis and Theatre Creation (Lassad, Belgium)— and a bachelors in Theatre (QUT).