Ana McGoldrick

Ana started training gymnastics at 4, coaching at 16 and has not stopped since.  Her favourite apparatus was always bars (a portent of things to come) and has coached a national champion.

Ana grew up with circus all around, there is a clown in the family, and she’s seen Ashton’s circus more times than can be remembered!  There has always been an inherent draw towards the air, the flying trapeze holding special appeal.

From the conception of The Circus Studio, Ana has been a main driving force, running the program for the first 3 years and continuing as one of the core trainers.  Today Ana also teaches at Circus Arts Tasmania and is a roving stilt performer around the state.  You can also sometimes catch her performing aerial, if you’re lucky.

Ana is constantly on the look out for fun new things to add to the program, bungee systems… crazy aerial apparatus… she’s even tried putting her chickens on a trapeze, and yes, they can do it!