Video: Learn to Juggle!

A few years ago while being interviewed for the Mercury paper, Christian challenged the journalist Simeon to learn to juggle right there and then. He said yes, and they filmed it!

Good on you Simeon!

All the steps in the video in sequence are:

  • One, catch, two, catch
  • Together, catch
  • Together, clap, catch
  • Across, across, catch, catch
  • Across, across, drop, catch (start with the hand with 2 balls)
  • Across, across, across, catch, doesn’t matter (where the 3rd ball goes)
  • Across, across, across, catch, catch – YOU DID IT!!! HI-5!!!

TIP: Say OUT LOUD what you are doing, as you do it as it helps your brain a lot.

Once you’ve learned a “Juggle” which is 3 throws and 3 catches, you can learn “Juggling” by following these steps:

  • COUNT: Say out loud: one, two, three instead of saying across, across, across.
  • Once you say “Three” try to continue counting “four, five, six..” and keep throwing.
  • Do NOT move your feet.
  • Keep your throws above head height if you can.
  • Try to get 30 catches.

Good luck! =:o)

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