About The Circus Studio Inc.

The Circus Studio Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation built on a community of energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring people.

Our Purpose 

To provide space and opportunity for creative and active people to explore movement and creative potential.

To encourage individuals of all backgrounds to become involved in circus arts.

To bring together a collaborative community of people (professionals and participants) to provide opportunities for everyone to explore circus.

Our Vision is to see a cohesive and collaborative circus community in Tasmania, open to opportunity and experiences.  A community that is inclusive and supportive of vision and exploration.

Our Committee:

The Committee who oversee the activities of this organisation come from the community and are invested in keeping alive the youthful joy that comes with hanging upside down.

Meet our wonderful Committee:

President – Kylie DunnKylie Dunn

Kylie finally found the courage to start circus classes in April 2015, a couple of months before her 43rd birthday. She had always enjoyed watching the grace and strength of circus performers and thought it might be a fun way to regain some fitness, never imagining what she was capable of achieving. Kylie feels she has found her tribe at The Circus Studio: a supportive and diverse community who provide encouragement without judgement. Becoming involved in the not-for-profit transition and growth of The Circus Studio was an obvious step, so she can help other people share the positive experiences that this community provides – physically and mentally.

Vice-President – Claire Tighe

Claire started at the Circus Studio in April 2016 and hasn’t looked back. After enjoying Antigravity yoga for a year, she decided to look for another way to extend on the aerial skills she had been learning, this is how she found the Circus Studio. Claire loves both the mental and physical challenges that learning circus skills creates. She also loves the welcoming and open community of people involved with the Circus Studio which is why in 2017 she decided to join the Circus Studio Committee as part of the transition to a not for profit organisation. Claire looks forward to seeing the Circus Studio grow while helping to protect the current supportive community atmosphere.

Secretary – Tegan Hancock

Circus became a very important part of Tegan’s life quite quickly and suddenly at the age of 19. Coping with the passing of her mum, being really REALLY shy, and having zero confidence she decided to ‘have a go’ at circus as a ploy to change. Tegan didn’t just come out of her shell, she exploded from it! Going from ‘the quiet girl in the corner’ to never shutting up; from not being able to a push up to developing a whole array of skills and strengths; and developing lifelong friendships. So last year, when Tegan made the move to Tassie, she tried to rediscover that community at The Circus Studio. And her love for circus was instantly reignited!
Tegan loves the challenges circus training provides; it’s an outlet that balances her. She has found her confidence and voice through an artform, whilst also getting a workout. She loves the friendship and support gained from The Circus Studio and is passionate about always having such a positive place to come to and train. Tegan is looking forward to watching The Circus Studio grow, the bigger the family the bigger the fun and love there is!

Treasurer – Katrina Malisauskas

Typically a high achiever, Katrina revels in the opportunity to not excel at circus within the safe and encouraging community of the Circus Studio. Circus has taught Katrina priceless life skills such as: the ability to climb (anything, really); the importance of play, and; the power of the words, ‘I believe in you!’. Katrina saw the role of Treasurer as an opportunity to give back to an organisation that she believes provides a genuine richness to the local and wider communities. Katrina looks forward to watching and supporting the Circus Studio as it continues to grow and flourish.

Public Officer – Bridget Delaney

Bridget has had a keen interest in any form of physical activity with a bit of a thrill. After following her sister around the globe to watch her perform and dazzle it seemed giving the high flying life a try was worth a go. With a sister who’s run away to the circus it was only natural.
It soon became apparent that while the enthusiasm was there, the talent lay in other areas, having missed out on the co-ordination and natural charismatic flair in the air. Still adamantly keen to be involved, Bridget started working for Nofit State Circus as the company administrator, and playing around in the air and on the ground in every class she could get her hands on. While immensely fun, it gave two Delaney’s a chance to try out a working relationship.
When returning to Australia, it seemed only too exciting to help grow an already vibrant circus community. With a love for the circus and her sister, there isn’t anywhere else Bridget would rather be than behind the scenes of a community filled with fun, fitness and many a laugh.

Other Committee Members:

  • Adie Delaney
  • Abbey Church
  • Staja Florence
  • Christian Florence
  • Felicity Horsley

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