We’re Looking for a Bigger Home

We’re not quite packed and ready to go, but…

The Circus Studio is growing and we need to find a larger, dedicated space for our classes. Ideally, we would love to stay in the Kingston area to support the wonderful community that has grown around us in the last four years.

This is why we’re putting this post out into the world – because we’re going to need some creative thinking from people who might have room for us.

Room to move – space to fly

In a perfect world, the space would be a minimum of 14m x 12m with a ceiling height of 6m (preferably 8).

The ceiling is the bit that gets a bit problematic, but our vision is to have more regular swinging trapeze classes as well as a Flying Rig!!! There are two different heights for flying, we’re looking at the shorter one, which will mean we would be the only place in Tasmania to have one!

We also want to be self-determining with access and times – giving us greater flexibility in supporting our community’s needs and offering a wider range of classes and times. Which is why we would like our own, unshared space.

It’s getting too small for all of our monkeys!

What we’d like to know is – can you help? Or do you know anyone who might be able to?

Yes – we have money for rent, but as a non-profit trying to improve accessibility to our students there is an upper limit.

Yes – if you want to discuss partnership options we would love to talk with you about what we can provide alongside cash.

Yes – there are other needs around engineering requirements for structures, or the ability to put internal rigging in.

If you have a space you believe fits this bill in the Kingston/Huntingfield/Margate area, please get in touch. We’d love to work with you to find our new home.

Email Adie (adie@circusstudio.com.au) or give her a call 0437 408 903.

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